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Pet Insurance

By November 2, 2011 Uncategorized

Don’t let finances & difficult decisions come between you and your pet’s overall health Care.
In today’s economic times, owning a pet can become an expensive proposition. We all want what’s best for your 4-legged friend.
Luckily there are many options available in order to plan for the unexpected. The companies below can offer, not only aid in these trying times, but can also give you peace of mind when it comes to preventative medical care for your pet.

Pet health care insurance isn’t a new idea, it has been around for many years, but many people haven’t been aware of it until recently. Additionally, the availability of pet insurance plans been limited and the policy restrictions have been prohibitive in many cases.The last few years have seen changes in the pet insurance industry.

Pet owners with insurance are now able to provide levels of care that previously were cost prohibitive. Others aren’t so sure.

Veterinary medicine is one of the few health care professions that is not financially based on insurance. Unlike most medical, surgical, dental, and pharmacy cases in human medicine, veterinary patients ( ie the owners ) are responsible for veterinary costs incurred — including preventive/routine care, emergency and disease conditions.

Pet health policies are similar to human insurance policies; annual premiums, deductibles, and different coverage plans based on what the owner chooses. Plans are based on species, age, pre-existing conditions and in some cases, lifestyle of the pet (i.e. indoor vs. outdoor cat).