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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine provides your pet with the benefits of both conventional and alternative therapies. Alternative therapies can be incorporated with conventional therapies to help regain and maintain wellness in your pet. During your pet’s consultation and exam with the veterinarian the following will occur

  • a thorough physical exam
  • a discussion of previous medical issues
  • nutrition, previous and current
  • vaccine history and requirements
  • a discussion of all current medical issues
  • supplements and lifestyle changes

By the way, your pet does not have to be sick to benefit from a holistic approach to their health.  We are always willing to discuss how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your pet with primary focus on nutrition and individual vaccine needs .

Your pet’s diet has a huge impact on his/her health.  We have all heard the old adage, “You are what you eat.”  A poor diet is the biggest obstacle to achieving wellness in your pet. Many medical conditions can be controlled and prevented with diet alone.

Because we provide an integrative medical approach to your pet’s health, we will thoroughly discuss your pet’s vaccination protocol.  We abide by the Ontario laws for rabies vaccine protocol and will discuss the merits and concerns regarding other vaccines that are not governed by legal protocol.  We provide vaccine titers which is a measure of the antibody level in the blood for specific diseases (this includes rabies).   These tests can prevent unnecessary vaccination and can help us establish an individualized vaccine protocol for your pet.